Buzz Builders PR and social media

Billable Results, Not Hours

We've walked in the shoes of managing agencies where you've signed on to get the expertise of the industry veteran, yet have day-to-day contact with a junior professional. We know what it's like to read the professional monthly/weekly reports, only to find that you're not getting the results you're expecting and deserve.

Fusing our industry experience with traditional PR and today's social media tactics, we'll help you build relationships, enhance your visibility, and ultimately increase your ROI for PR. Our focus is on securing strategic coverage and igniting intelligent online conversations by creating the most interesting and newsworthy PR content that's published on every relevant medium—blogs, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, search engines, podcasts/videocasts, national business newspapers, trade/vertical magazines, and analyst reports.

Bottom line -- our experience, tenacity, relationships, and proactive approach allows us to focus on results, not billable hours.